Be sure to check back often so that you're always up to speed! I'm always working to improve the site. Below you'll find summaries of major releases, although it's worth noting that smaller updates and patches are deployed with much higher frequency.
Always Stay Connected (7/3/20): The features included in this update aren't that big, but they should make for a better user experience.
  • Always stay on top of the game! From your profile, you can now opt-in to receive email notifications whenever a game in one of your groups gets going. You can specify just when those emails should be sent as a function of how many players are sitting, and you can also limit how many emails are sent per unit time.
  • Redirection after login! If you're linked to a page on the site that's login-protected, you'll now be routed to the page you were initially trying to access after a successful login.
  • I've also isolated and squashed a critical hi lo pot distribution bug that was causing lo hands to be improperly credited in a few situations.
Oh, That's Big (6/30/20): Massive. Yuge. I'm of course talking about putting more cards in your hands.
  • Hi-lo games! PLO8 (4-card pot-limit Omaha, 8-or-better qualifier) and BigO (5-card pot-limit Omaha, 8-or-better qualifier) are here for their donk debut. If you're feeling especially cheeky, you might want to check out some of the other insane additions (feat. no qualifiers and/or more holecards).
  • Sweating those all-ins. If enabled (as by ticking off the appropriate checkbox when creating a table), all players are forced to reveal their cards if the hand's action has been killed and cards are yet to be dealt.
  • Game enhancement voting details. Tired of not knowing who's standing between you and your glorious double board bomb pots? Now, by default a vote for a game enhancement will be displayed symbolically by your username. "S" indicates the intention to straddle, "D" a vote for double board, "B" a vote for bomb pot, and "2" the desire to run it twice.
  • More bug fixes! There was an issue with card dealing after 72 bounty collection--it shouldn't bother you guys anymore.
Back at It Again (6/19/20): Sorry for the delay! I've been spending quite a bit of time on the new UI, and I really hope you guys enjoy.
  • A totally redefined Donkhouse experience. Although the overall thematic design of the site could still use some help, I think you'll all love the new table aesthetic.
  • Dark mode. You've been asking for this feature for quite some time, and I'm amped to announce that it's finally here. Click the toggle at the top-left corner of the table page to send each game element into beautiful darkness.
  • Action halos. Whether in dark or light mode, you'll see a diffuse halo around the player who's next-to-act.
  • Better logging. The number of chips you hold will now be printed to the chat upon standing up. Similarly, the act of revealing cards now triggers a logging event.
  • I've made it even easier to reveal your cards at the end of a hand. In addition to the standard double-click-to-show paradigm, you can now tick off a box to indicate that you'd like your holecards to be revealed, bypassing the standard showing/mucking behavior. When creating a table, simply make sure to check off "allow revealing cards at the end of hands."
  • You can now adjust the blinds on tables with fractional postings (i.e. less than 1/2). Keep in mind, however, that increasing the blinds will cause players' chips to be rounded down to the nearest small blind.
  • And, of course, bug fixes. I've been putting a lot of time into refactoring end-of-hand procedures to ensure that they never occur out-of-order as a result of lag.
Summertime Donkness (5/28/20): Turn up the heat with this insane update, featuring several absolutely bananaland additions. We've focused a lot on expanding the role of group administrators, and there's still more to come in this area!
  • Pause the damn game! If enabled, group administrators can start, stop, and restart the game as they please. This customization is ideal for tournament-style play, wherein the game should begin only once all players have taken their seats.
  • Stay in control of your drunken minions with:
    • 1) Fully regulated buy-ins. If enabled, requests to add on chips will be forwarded to group administrators for approval.
    • 2) Group management permissions. When creating a group, you decide whether or not your friends have the power to invite more friends or create/delete tables.
  • Showdown timings are now customizable! Poker has quite a bit of drama, so we wanted to let you decide just how sweaty each showdown should be. When creating a table, you can now specify the delay between each hand reveal.
  • Better accessbility. Most features on the table creation page are now accompanied by an inline help tip. Also, URLs in the chat are now automatically detected and rendered as clickable links.
  • Fewer accidents. Data-sensitive actions, such as table deletions, now require confirmation.
  • We've also gone ahead and adjusted our chat so as to accept brackets. Anything for the <3
  • Finally, we've made it possible for you to terminate your account from your Profile.
Infrastructure Work (5/17/20): While we've rolled out only a few frontend-facing features in this update, we feel we've made huge strides in terms of reliability and usability.
  • Account recovery! You can now reset the passwords associated with accounts you may have thought were lost. We spent quite a bit of time on this feature, as account security is critical. If you find yourself locked out of your account, click the "Forgot password?" link from the login page and follow the instructions given on subsequent pages.
  • Blinds, blinds blinds! Per user request, we've gone ahead and added on a bunch of additional blind levels.
  • Bugs died. We squashed a bunch of bugs this time around, including an issue that may have resulted in improper chip counts showing up on your browser from time to time. Also, if your connection latency was sufficiently high before this patch, it was possible to start a game with you and only you, leading to spectacularly strange results. This sort of tomfoolery is no longer possible.
Better Everything (4/22/20): We've been working really hard to squash a lot of frustrating bugs that have been existing out there in the wild, and we've included a few extra goodies for you guys, too!
  • There were some issues with the way in which chips were being distributed, so we spent an entire day running out hands between random agents on our local simulator. We identified and squashed quite a few very low-probability (but also catastrophic) bugs, and we implemented automatic error detection throughout the codebase. Moving forward, we should be able to fix any latent bugs as they pop up!
  • Efficiency! We're now running the site under a different, more efficient compiler. Although our prior scaling update has given us an enormous amount of operational headroom, we expect the new setup to increase our load-handling capabilities by another large constant.
  • We've made buy-in caps customizable! You can now set the maximum value for which players are allowed to buy in for, and, if you so choose, you can make the cap dynamic. That is, the cap will be automatically adjusted as a function of the largest stack at the table.
  • Security! We've taken some steps behind the scenes to make any would-be hackers hate their lives :).
  • Requests for chip additions are now processed as soon as possible. That is, if a hand is currently being played and you are not in it, you need not wait until its completion for any chip additions to be made to your stack.
  • Spreading that degen love: you no longer need to correctly capitalize your friends' usernames when inviting them to your group.
  • Finally, although the ability to adjust blinds during a session was implemented in a smaller, previous update, we thought we'd mention it here. That's right, group administers can alter the blinds via a drop-down menu that should appear at the top-right corner of the screen (provided the appropriate "allow blind adjustments" box was selected when creating the table).
Support for the Demand (4/16/20): We're pleased to announce that we've taken drastic steps to ensure uninterrupted service even at peak load. That is, we're no longer running off of a singular worker in our backend. Now, we have eight. Also, the pathway to adding even more is relatively straightforward, so we'll be resuming our usual routine of testing and deploying cool new features!
Donkem (1/31/20): A signature game of the Donkhouse. It's 3-card PLO where each player must use exactly two cards from his or her hand. The flop consists of two cards, the turn an additional two cards, and the river a single card. Additionally, a super-river is dealt, but no action takes place. It's a game of bluffing and bad river calls.
UI/UX/Consistency Updates (1/16/19): This rather important update features an eclectic bunch of changes.
  • We've made it even easier to spew. When it's your action, typing a number (or decimal point) will automatically start populating the sizing input field. Otherwise, hitting any key will automatically begin writing to the chat box. Just as with the chat, you can place a bet or raise by hitting enter after typing in said act of aggression.
  • We've reworked the group/table listings for better compatibility across devices. Long group/table names will now be truncated as appropriate.
  • Autofold has been upgraded to auto check/fold. No longer will you accidentally throw your cards away if it's checked to you or if your big blind goes unchallenged.
  • Check out our tutorial! It's designed to help newer players get acquainted with the unique flavors of poker that make the Donkhouse special.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we've eliminated a rare set of networking bugs that stem from the nondeterministic nature of the internet itself. Clients whose gamestates are compromised by dropped/delayed packets are now unable to act on that stale information and will be forcibly updated. Simply put, making invalid actions is no longer possible in any event.
Taunts (12/18/19): Donkhouse, facilitating banter since 2019. Type 't' followed by an integer to pour salt into the wounds of your fallen enemies. We're always adding more, so be sure to type "-help" in the chat for an up-to-date list of available soundbytes. Also, if other players' taunts are getting on your nerves, mute them by typing "mute «username»". Perhaps unsurprisingly, you can always unmute these players with the "unmute «username»" command.
PLO (11/27/19): A true gentleman's game. Now at the Donkhouse--and with all of the degenerate game additions you've grown to love. You get four cards instead of the usual two, and you play exactly two. Betting is capped at pot. A few observations: 1) If a board becomes four-to-a-flush, the probability that your opponents have flushes actually decreases! 2) Holding four connected cards in your hand is pretty sweet.
Antes (10/4/19): More action, more fun. Antes can be pegged at customizable values when creating a table.
Mobile support (9/25/19): We've totally redesigned the user interface to make mobile play more seamless and eliminated a lot of pesky bugs that would only show up on the small screen. Unfortunately, however, the Donkhouse is not currently optimized for mobile, and your user experience may be slightly degraded if you're playing on the go.
Running it twice (9/16/19): For the slightly more risk-adverse. If you and your opponent(s) get it all in before the river, you can now reduce variance just a tiny bit. Just make sure you and others in the hand have "run it twice" checked off in-game.
72 Game (9/10/19): Win the main pot with 72 (no chopping) to collect a customizable bounty! In games where players are dealt more than two holecards, winning the bounty is only possible if you have exactly one seven and one deuce in your hand. In case the hand in question involves two boards (either by running it twice or by voting for a double board before the start of the hand), one can collect the bounty only by scooping the first runout.