What we've done so far

Poker isn't static. Our goal is to let you play the exact style of poker you want, whether you heard about it from friends or came up with it on your own. At the moment, this means PLO, bomb pots, straddles, double boards, checking in the dark, revealing your holecards in-hand, customizable time constraints, and much, much more. See the details on our blog.
Security: No one can see your cards unless you reveal them. We were concerned by the methods used by other sites to keep your cards private, so we've taken a new approach. Unless you show them, your cards are in no way distributed to other clients at any point.
Customizability: Play the game at your pace. You decide how much time players should have to act––simply set the small- and large-pot time multipliers when creating a table. For extra banter, allow players to reveal any/either of their holecards. In-game, simply double-click the card you want to show. Please note that revealing cards is enabled only if exactly two players remain in the hand. To view an exhaustive list detailing a given table's configuration, click the settings icon in-game.
Fidelity: Keep track of who's winning by clicking the spreadsheet icon in-game. A csv file with detailed records will automatically be downloaded to your computer.

What's coming soon

Customizable hotkeys: We get it. You guys wanna go fast. We want to let you do just that, so the plan is to give you the ability to map certain actions (e.g. spew) to whatever keys you so choose.
Inviting new group members by email: Really, this feature just makes too much sense. You should be able to ping your friends with a quick invitational email instead of having to ask them to sign up before adding them by username.
Game wizard: A toolkit that enables you to design your take on the game from the ground up. Create streets in which you specify if cards are to be dealt to players or the board(s)--or perhaps there should be a round of drawing and/or discarding? Why not include a street for which each player must reveal a holecard? Of course, you can also designate how many holecards from a player's hand can play (or must play, if you so choose). The game engine was written expressly to support this type of dynamic game hosting, and deployment of this toolkit can be expected shortly.
Splitting the pot by equity: If you really want to see how you stack up against your friends, this might be the option for you. Once again, activation will require consensus among all involved players.
Double decks: Do you want sooted aces? Monochrome paired boards? We got you, boo.
Short deck and dealer's choice: We're looking to extend our degenerate offerings even further. Scoop city.
Rabbit hunting: Sometimes you gotta chase those draws even when the hand's over, and that's okay. We're here to help.
Rotating the table: We get it. You guys have favorite seats. We want to let you sit wherever you want, even if it wouldn't be possible to do so in person.
And more! We have loads of additional features in the pipeline, and we're excited to deploy them as soon as we can! If you'd like to see something implemented that isn't mentioned here, please let us know!