You guys have been really interested in our platform, and we love it! We hope that this guide can help answer at least a few of your questions you may have had while checking us out.
Table Mechanics
How can I improve performance on my computer? For the best Donkhouse home-game experience, we recommend using Chrome, Opera, or Safari on Mac OSX, Windows 10, or Ubuntu. We advise against using Microsoft Edge, and we strongly discourage use of Internet Explorer.
How do we start a game? Make a table within your group and head over to it. Choose your seat, and add some chips via the "refill" button at the top. Then, hit "sit in." The game will start once two players have "sat in," and players who are not "sitting in" will not be dealt cards. If you'd like to be able to pause the game, make sure to click "Show advanced options" and tick off "Allow group admins to start and pause play" when creating a table. If you choose this option, automatic start will be disabled, so you'll need to hit "start" at the top of the page once at least two people are sitting in.
How do I reveal my cards? There are currently two ways to show your cards, even if you're not required to do so. When creating a table, you can check off "Enable double-click to reveal cards" or "Allow revealing cards at the hand's end" under "Show advanced options." The former simply activates double-clicking as a reveal mechanic, whereas the latter provides you with a checkbox that will cause your holecards to be shown at the end of the hand, regardless of your hand's strength. Please note, however, that revealing cards is only possible if there are two players or fewer in the hand or if the hand is in showdown.
How do I adjust the amount of time allotted for each player to act? You can do so while creating a table. Click the "show advanced options" button at the bottom of the form, and adjust the small-/large-pot timebank multipliers as you see fit. By default (a multiplier value of 1), empty pots trigger a 15-second allowance, and this allocation increases logarithmically until the pot reaches 500 big blinds, at which point players are given 80 seconds to act. In practice, we find that the default settings result in a fast-paced game and suggest increasing the multipliers to 1.5 if it's your first time playing on the site.
How do I increase the blinds? We've recently gone ahead and gave group administrators the ability to adjust blinds during play! To enable this feature, check off the last box under "show advanced settings" while creating a table. You should see a little dropdown menu with a wide range of blind values at the top right corner of the corresponding table page.
Why does the site cause my computer to work harder than usual? At the moment, our platform depends upon a full-fledged graphics library that prioritizes customizability and ease of use over performance. Updates have been promised by the library's developer that will make donking off far easier to run, however! For the time being, if your computer is struggling to display the game, we recommend lowering resolution and/or framerate, two settings that can be adjusted in your "Profile."
How can I keep track of buy ins/cash outs? Try clicking on the download icon above the table. A menu should be displayed, from which you can select "Ins and Outs" to get detailed PNL data. Alternatively, clicking "Transaction Log" will download a summary of all timestamped transactions.
Are your shuffles truly random? Absolutely! We utilize the Fisher-Yates algorithm in concert with 256 bits of randomness on each shuffle to ensure that 1) all possible orderings of cards in the deck can be achieved, 2) each ordering of cards in the deck is generated with equal probability, and 3) no prior state of the deck has any effect on the current state of the deck.
Can you implement an idea I have? In general, we love to add features at our users' request! Check out our community page, where users can submit and upvote ideas for future versions of the site.
What's with the name? Donkeys like to mess around at the poker table. We're all about playing aggro and having fun.