Play secure online poker with friends using play money. It's totally free, rakeless, and wildly customizable. From double boards to hi-lo games and 72 bounties, the Donkhouse has it all. Check out the features page for a list of everything the site has to offer. Sign up and create a group to get started. If you're a fan, please consider contributing below.

Hot News

Tournaments, schedulable double board bomb pots, and peace of mind (3/31): play tourneys with your buds, set a schedule for when double boards and/or bomb pots will be triggered, and keep track of logins. As always, please remember to put me to work on implementing your ideas.

Check out the blog for all the juicy details, and head over to the discord to chat with me and some fellow donkers.

Our Commitments

A clean and secure poker environment. We weren't satisfied with the existing options for hosting online play-money home games, so we set out to offer an alternative. Learn more about our game engine.
Customizability. We currently offer a number of game enhancements, including live straddles, bomb pots, double boards, and adjustable time-to-act constraints. We try to leave nothing off the table, and, regarding the few cases we've overlooked, we invite our users to take part in the site's development.
The community. We're here for you guys. If you'd like to reach out, please feel free to email us at or tweet us @DonkhousePoker.


Some documentation on how things work around here